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We are a 360o Venture Studio focused on early-stage startups

We are a venture studio dedicated to empowering early-stage startups to thrive and succeed. With a diverse range of services, strategic guidance, and equity-based investments, we fuel the growth of groundbreaking ideas. Join us on a transformative journey of entrepreneurship, as we unlock the full potential of your startup and shape a future of boundless possibilities.


What we do?


Inception phase

In the inception phase, we carry out the groundwork for your startup, refining the idea, understanding the feasibility, and creating a detailed plan for your startup.

Feasibility Analysis
Business Planning
Funding Pitch Decks


Implementation Phase

During the Implementation phase, we work towards turning your visions into reality, offering support in registrations, funding, brand identity, and sales activities.

Company Registration
Implementation Support
Funding Assistance
Brand Identity
MVP/POC Development

Scale up

Growth Phase

We focus on scaling up strategies and support during the Growth phase. We offer digital marketing, process optimization, and strategic insights for sustainable success.

Strategic Advisory
Organizational Policies
Operational Efficiency
Digital Marketing
Sales Support


Our Process

How we work?

What it takes?

Eligibility Criteria

Array Ventures seeks early-stage startups with innovative concepts, scalability potential, and a dedicated founding team aligned with their vision. Market viability, commitment to growth, and willingness to collaborate are essential for consideration. Apply now for strategic guidance, support, and equity-based investment to accelerate your startup’s success.

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How to apply?

Application Process

To apply, startups can fill out the application form available on our webpage. Once submitted, our team will carefully review each application. Successful applicants will be contacted for further evaluation and potential collaboration opportunities.

Shortlisted Startups

Pitch & Evaluation

Shortlisted startups are invited to present their innovative ideas and business strategies to our investment board. During the pitch, startups will have the opportunity to showcase their vision and growth potential. Our rigorous evaluation process helps identify promising ventures for potential collaborations and equity-based investments.

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Startup Selection

Selection & Due Diligence

After the pitch, selected startups proceed to the due diligence phase, where a thorough evaluation of their business, financials, and operations is conducted. Upon successful completion, personalized deal terms are shared, and formal agreements are made, solidifying the partnership between Array Ventures and the chosen startups.


Who we are

About Us

We are Array Ventures, a catalyst for innovation, empowering early-stage startups with expertise, resources, and strategic investments to achieve their true potential for 15 years.

2000+ Startups

15+ Years

80+ Countries

72+ Industries

Array Ventures is a pioneering venture studio committed to fostering innovation and empowering early-stage startups for success. With a passion for shaping the future of entrepreneurship, we provide a comprehensive ecosystem of services, strategic guidance, and equity-based investments to nurture groundbreaking ideas into thriving ventures. Array Ventures is an initiative by Array Innovative Services Pvt Ltd.

At Array Ventures, we believe that every visionary startup deserves the right support to flourish. Our inception phase involves rigorous ideation, feasibility analysis, and business planning to lay a strong foundation. In the implementation phase, we guide startups through company registration, brand identity creation, and funding assistance, transforming their ideas into tangible realities. As startups scale up in the growth phase, our digital marketing expertise, operational efficiency strategies, and strategic insights drive sustainable growth and market impact. With an unwavering commitment to our partners’ success, we take pride in being a catalyst for positive change in the dynamic startup landscape.

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