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We are a 360o Venture Studio focused on early stage startups

At Array Ventures, we are more than just a venture studio; we are catalysts for innovation. Our passion lies in empowering early-stage startups with expertise, resources, and strategic investments to reach their full potential. With a dedicated team of mentors, advisors, and industry experts, we ignite the spark of entrepreneurship, shaping a future where groundbreaking ideas thrive and possibilities are limitless. Join us on a transformative journey, where together, we unlock the true power of innovation and create a lasting impact in the world of business.



Who we are

We are an innovative venture studio, a catalyst for innovation, empowering early-stage startups with expertise, resources, and strategic investments to achieve their true potential for 15 years.

2000+ Startups

15+ Years

80+ Countries

72+ Industries

Array Ventures is a pioneering venture studio committed to fostering innovation and empowering early-stage startups for success. With a passion for shaping the future of entrepreneurship, we provide a comprehensive ecosystem of services, strategic guidance, and equity-based investments to nurture groundbreaking ideas into thriving ventures. Array Ventures is an initiative by Array Innovative Services Pvt Ltd.

At Array Ventures, we believe that every visionary startup deserves the right support to flourish. Our inception phase involves rigorous ideation, feasibility analysis, and business planning to lay a strong foundation. In the implementation phase, we guide startups through company registration, brand identity creation, and funding assistance, transforming their ideas into tangible realities. As startups scale up in the growth phase, our digital marketing expertise, operational efficiency strategies, and strategic insights drive sustainable growth and market impact. With an unwavering commitment to our partners’ success, we take pride in being a catalyst for positive change in the dynamic startup landscape.



Leadership Team

Arnab Ray

Arnab Ray

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Array Ventures, Arnab Ray brings a wealth of expertise in business strategy, marketing, technology strategy, and corporate finance. With a successful background in management consulting and experience with leading global brands, Arnab leads Array Ventures with a vision to support early-stage startups through crucial stages of growth and innovation. His passion for entrepreneurship, mentorship, and startup investment drives the company’s mission to empower budding entrepreneurs and foster groundbreaking ideas in the dynamic world of business.


Sauvik Banerjee

Chief Operating Officer

Sauvik Banerjee, a highly experienced business strategy and transformation expert, serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Array Ventures. With a rich background in consulting major corporates across Europe and the UK, Sauvik brings valuable expertise in business planning, growth strategy, and process re-engineering to the company. As an entrepreneur and startup mentor, Sauvik plays a pivotal role in guiding and supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, empowering them to thrive in a dynamic and competitive landscape. His dedication to optimizing operations and fostering strategic growth aligns perfectly with Array Ventures’ commitment to fueling innovation and empowering startups.



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